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Self Publishing Success Book

Have you always wanted to write your own book and get it published?

If you have written a book or thinking about writing one, you are probably already aware of the competition in the writing field.

Most of those who submit unsolicited manuscripts to agents or publishing houses are rejected without the book even being read.

This horrible reality is enough to turn any writer off the idea of writing their book. After all, if you go through the trouble of writing a book, you certainly want to see it published, right?

You have probably heard about those press houses that publish your book and make you order hundreds of copies.

This costs thousands of dollars, and who has that much money these days, to put out that kind of money to get their book published? Especially since they seem to be limited to selling only to family and friends?

Most people are aware of those press houses and want to avoid them because it costs so much money.

But now you don't have to worry about that. You can write a book and have it published without it costing you a fortune.

Hope for every writer...

Every writer has a voice that they long to be heard. It is just a matter of getting that voice out to the public by way of the book.

Unfortunately, the big publishing houses will very rarely take a book by an unknown author. Most of them do not accept unsolicited manuscripts at all and most will only deal with literary agents.

Literary agents do not usually accept manuscripts from an unknown writer, either. They look for books from someone who has a proven track record and will make them money. Agents usually have a law degree and act as a lawyer on behalf of their clients. Like most lawyers, they do not like to work for free unless they feel that there is something in it for them.

What to do in such case? Well, this guide answers that.

This guide is for new writers and gives you the basic principles of how to write a book. In addition, it teaches you how to market your self published book, something that you have to do even if you have a book published by mainstream press.

This is the only book of its kind that tells you the truth and gives you the resources you need to get what you want.

Inspiration and Information For Self-Publishing Authors

1) Learn how to get started writing

Even if you have never written anything before in your life, if you have an idea for a book, you owe it to yourself to get it out there.

This book will take you step by step through the process of writing book from start to finish, and how to complete it so that it is ready for the press.

This book teaches a new writer everything that they need to know about how to writer a book that others will want to buy and read.

2) Learn what to do after your book is published

In addition to giving you resources on where you can self publish your book as well as different ways that you can do this, you need to then learn what to do once your book is published.

Just sit around and wait for sales? Not a chance!

You need to market your book just like anyone markets bestselling books, films and other new art forms. Your book is a work of art, but it will only be read if others know it exists.

Fortunately, this book gives you ways that you can market your book without spending a lot of money or, in most cases, any money at all.

Here Is What You Will Learn Inside....

Self Publishing Success Book Table of Contents

This is your chance to get the necessary knowledge about self-publishing and fulfill your dream.

Grab this guide and move towards success...

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Self Publishing Success Book Table of Contents
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