Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Copywriting? Is It Different Than Copyrights?

Ans. Yes. Please have a look at my Knowledge Center. It will educate you about Marketing and Copywriting Terms.

How Does It Work? What Is The Process?


How Long Does It Take?

Ans. It depends on what you are actually looking for.

For example, If you want a Classified Ad, then it may take few DAYS, but if you want a White Paper, it may take few weeks to complete that. The exact time frame is entirely depends on the research material available/provided.

What Are Your Hourly Rates And Other Charges?

Ans. I don't work on 'Hourly Basis', I work on "Project Basis".

In Case of The Project, How Much Do You Charge?

Ans. Charges varies as per the project requirements and the overall time, money and energy it demands.

You've Mentioned Different Types of Copywriting, How Do We Know Which Type of Copywriting Is Good For Us?

Ans. Just shoot me an email and I will help you to choose the most appropriate one.

Can You Work With Our In-House Writer And Improve Our Existing Copy?

Ans. Sure, I can.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

Ans. Net Banking, Debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfer, WUMT and PayPal.

Will You Be Able to Write About My Profession/Business If You Don’t Have Any Previous Experience in My Field?

Ans. Yes. I do.

I will surely need to take some time to become familiar with your business area, its jargon, and your industry at large, but I look at it as a learning opportunity.

I enjoy research and development.

More importantly, regardless of the business you’re in, sales and marketing principles are quite same for every industry. It’s just a matter of adapting them to your particular situation.

You Sound Like a Good Fit For Our Project. What’s The Next Step?

Ans. If you know what you want, email me your detail requirements.

If you don't know what you actually need, feel free to explain the problems you are facing. I will work on them and will get back to you with the right solutions.

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